EMC-LACE Electromagnetic Compatibility


General Presentation

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The laboratory performs the following tests:
  • Accredited Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing at our Laboratory on electrical and electronic equipment in accordance with National, European and International Standards (Accredited Tests List);
  • Electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic field measurements at our laboratory or at the location indicated by the customer, for evaluating electrical and electronic equipment or machines in relation to human exposure to electromagnetic fields;
  • Radio Equipment Testing at our Laboratory in accordance with National, European and International Standards.

    • The laboratory performs these tests with calibrated instruments traceable to international and/or national standards (LAT centres or foreign equivalents).

      Following the measurements, the Laboratory issues an easy-to-read test report (in the language required by the customer), which contains the description of the equipment examined, the list of regulations applied, the charts and tabs indicating the limits of acceptability and the measured values.